Reading Assessment Test

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The Reading Assessment Test will help determine the reading level of the reader and appropriate material to use in teaching.

Quick and Easy Phonemic Awareness Test

phonemic awareness

Phonemic Awareness Test A Phonemic Awareness test will give you crucial information concerning a set of skills that are mandatory when learning to read.  Phonemic awareness skills are a very effective early predictor for future reading difficulties. In other words, you can tell who is going to have trouble learning to read by testing the […]

Checkpoint Assessments

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Checkpoint Assessments The Checkpoint Assessment is a tool specifically developed to work with the Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading program. There is a Checkpoint Assessment after every five blocks in the reading program (seven blocks for the last assessment). The learner should know approximately 90% of the assessment in order […]

Reading Assessment Test

checkpoint assessment

A reading assessment test can be completed to find out what skills an individual already knows concerning reading prior to beginning a reading program.