Checkpoint Assessments

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checkpoint assessment

Checkpoint Assessments

The Checkpoint Assessment is a tool specifically developed to work with the Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading program. There is a Checkpoint Assessment after every five blocks in the reading program (seven blocks for the last assessment). The learner should know approximately 90% of the assessment in order to move forward to the next five blocks. This will ensure that the learner is successfully learning the material needed to become a fluent reader.

Assessments help the parent/teacher to evaluate if the material being taught was successfully taught. If the assessment shows that there are gaps in the learner’s knowledge, then the material can be retaught. This is a great tool for helping the learner to be successful in a program.

There are several assessments on for evaluating the reading progress of the learner.

The Phonemic Awareness Assessment is Here

The Reading Wall Assessment is Here.

The Assessment for Dividing Words into Syllables is Here.

Checkpoint 1

Use After Blocks 1-5

First, ask the reader to read the following list of words and sentences out loud. Circle any words that are read incorrectly. Second, choose ten words and three sentences for the reader to write. The parent/teacher should say the word or sentence out loud, one at a time, while the reader writes the word or sentence on paper. Circle any words that are written incorrectly. Review or reteach the corresponding block if there are any errors in reading or writing.

at   hat   am   bam   ap   tap   ill   fill   will   it   lit   ab   tab

ock   rock   ink   pink   on   pon   ed   bed   est   best   ing

ring   ij   rij   egg   up   pup   ug   zug   ox   box   quill   yux

vat   so   he   too   two   into   are   log   also   come   become

was   saw   does   of   quick

I will sit too.

Sam also sat on the hot rock.

Can we go and see the wet cat?

Mick likes to dig in the mud.

Veronica McCarthy

I am a Certified Reading Specialist who has taught reading in the school system as well as privately for over 25 years. Parenting two children with dyslexia, I have addressed the challenges of a struggling reader as a parent and as a teacher. My mission is to assist parents and teachers to help children become fluent readers, one reader at a time!

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