Is Your Child Struggling to Learn How to Read?

struggling with learning how to read

Can You Answer “Yes” to Two or More of These Questions? If you answered yes, then you need the Reading Blocks Reading Program! I witnessed all of this personally as a parent and then later as a teacher so I know what you are going through – and I can help! As a Parent My […]

6 Powerhouse Tips to Teach Your Child to Read!

You CAN teach your child to read. This is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give your child and it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime! Here are my 6 secret tips to teach your child to read starting today. These tips might seem unimportant but don’t let their simplicity fool you. These […]

Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading

Reading Blocks Reading Program

A Multisensory, Phonics Based, Step By Step Method that you can use to teach anyone how to read! Unique Components of Reading Blocks: Reading Blocks was developed to cover all the phonics skills necessary to becoming a good reader, in an incremental multi-sensory format. The content naturally must be geared towards a younger audience but […]

Checkpoint Assessments

reading blocks reading program

Checkpoint Assessments The Checkpoint Assessment is a tool specifically developed to work with the Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading program. There is a Checkpoint Assessment after every five blocks in the reading program (seven blocks for the last assessment). The learner should know approximately 90% of the assessment in order […]