Reading Specialist Uncovers A Proven Method That Empowers Every Parent to Easily Teach Their Child How to Read, Succeed and Get Ahead in Life!

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Can You Answer “Yes” to Two or More of These Questions?


  • Are you watching your child lose all self-esteem or feel like a failure because he or she is struggling to learn how to read?
  • Are you afraid that your child will fail in school?
  • Did you notice that if your child struggles with reading other subjects seem to be a struggle as well?
  • Have you ever watched the heart breaking sight of a struggling reader giving up?
  • Does your child get angry when doing reading homework?
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If you answered yes, then you need the Reading Blocks Reading Program!

Good Reading Skills…..

Gives your child the confidence and skills necessary to succeed and achieve their full potential!

Poor Reading Skills…..

Leads to a lifetime of underachievement, feeling inferior and missing out on those lucrative opportunities!

I witnessed all of this personally as a parent and then later as a teacher so I know what you are going through – and I can help!

how to help a struggling reader

As a Parent

My heart broke for my daughter when she struggled with learning to read in kindergarten and then failed and had to repeat kindergarten a second time. She struggled just as hard the second time and then nearly failed first grade as well.

I watched my daughter’s spirit sink as she fell farther and farther behind her peers at school. Nothing seemed to work in teaching her how to read, and we tried everything!

I worked with her for hours repeating the same letters, sounds and words over and over. Some days she would know them but then the next day she wouldn’t.

We would both end up crying over homework!

struggle with learning how to read

I tried all the school resources for three years but still watched as she fell farther and farther behind. I tried private tutoring, several different reading programs and learning centers. None of them made a significant difference. She still struggled.

She was a very intelligent and creative child.

I could not understand why she could not learn how to read.

how to help a struggling reader

I had no idea how to help her and I didn’t know what to do next. So I did what any distraught parent would do. I prayed for an answer.

I pledged to myself that if I could find the answers to my daughter’s struggle with reading I would show other parents the way to teach their struggling child how to read. And without having to take out a home equity loan for a specialized reading program like I eventually had to do.

I wanted to help others not have to go through this trauma, and it was a trauma!

Any parent whose child struggles with learning to read knows just what I am talking about!

Eventually I found a program that would work to teach my daughter how to read but at a price.

A huge price!

I had to take out a second mortgage on our home to pay the bill.

That’s what began my journey into researchng how a struggling reader learns to read, and I ended up discovering and developing this unique reading program!

As a Teacher

learn how to read

I worked with a client load of over eighty children per week. Most of my students were kids who might only be in this particular school for a couple of months. Their parents moved frequently to follow the available work in their field.

The program I used had to be quick and effective in order to reach this set of struggling readers. I needed a program that eliminated all the time consuming fluff and just got to the heart of the reading process.

I needed an 80/20 type reading program that used the 20 percent of reading instruction necessary to give me 80 percent of the reading results, and quickly! I also needed a program that worked with all types of struggling learners. Tall order!

I bought every reading program I could find and tried them all out!

how to help a struggling reader

None of the programs contained everything that I needed to get the success I wanted!

I was complaining to a collegue one day about how frustrating it was not to find a reading program that fit my needs. She suggested that I design my own program.

So that’s exactly what I did!

I remembered my pledge all those years ago when my daughter struggled.

And I looked around at my mini reading groups and saw all of those confident, joyful faces of students that not so long ago couldn’t read. Now they were bursting with confidence and excitement and eager to learn!

So that’s the exact moment I commited to begin the process of developing my own reading program.

After thousands of hours of research and and tons of trial and error, tweaking and retweaking, my program was completed!

Introducing a Revolutionary New Way to Teach Reading!

Reading Blocks Reading Program
Fast! Easy! Fun!

Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading

Fast! Simple! Effective!

This is the book I was always looking for but could never find when I was searching for the best way to teach struggling learners how to read, and do it quickly.

This is like the 80/20 method to teach a struggling learner how to read…and fast!

Unique Components of Reading Blocks

  • A Simple and Effective reading program that works!
  • Includes all materials -lessons-games-activities-mini decodable readers and more!
  • A complete step by step, multisensory, phonics based, reading program, which can be customized for any age learner and any learning difference.
  • An original “Wall of Knowledge” scope and sequence which allows the instructor and learner to “see”, and understand exactly where they are on the path of learning to read, as well as exactly where they are going.
  • Fun activities and unique reading material for each reading block that is perfectly matched to the skills being learned at that level. This takes all the guess work out of finding appropriate material to use for practicing new reading skills.
  • An easy to follow format which does not require months of training and a huge financial commitment.
  • An exclusive method that can be used by Teachers, Parents, Tutors and Reading Specialists alike; no training or background is necessary.
  • A multisensory program that is based on Orton-Gillingham methodology.
  • An easy, fast, and effective assessment which is crucial for designing a customized reading plan for each unique learner.
  • The ability to begin the program at a level appropriate to each learners’ needs, based on the assessment. This component saves time and minimizes boredom.

Phenomonal Results for Struggling Readers of All Ages!

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This program can be used in Kindergarten to Grade 3 when learning to read and in higher grades when there are gaps in a person’s reading skills. Reading Blocks can also be used with adults struggling to read even though the content is for younger ages.

Fry Sight Words Included

Each block only contains skills which were taught and practiced in a previous Block. Sight words do not always follow phonics rules but are necessary for fluent reading, so they are included in each block. The sight words were chosen according to the skills being taught in that Block as well as frequency of use. A lot of research and effort went into including the sight words at the appropriate place in the program!

Controlled Text

As a Reading Specialist, it was always frustrating using a reading program that included so many words that were too advanced for the level of the reader and never strategically taught. The reader would become frustrated and self-esteem would plummet. The Reading Blocks program uses very controlled text and every skill is taught first and then reviewed periodically throughout the program. This ensures a high level of success and confidence for the reader.

learn how to read

Designed For Anyone to Use – No Training Needed!

I wanted Reading Blocks to be an inexpensive resource for anyone to be able to use to teach anyone how to read. Moms, grandmas, dads, friends, aunts, uncles…anyone can be successful with the Reading Blocks program. Just try it and see!

Learning Differences are OK

The Reading Blocks program can be used effectively with individuals who have: Autism, Dyslexia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, and other learning challenges. The learner can learn at their own speed and in their own unique way.

Multisensory Instructions Matters

The multi-sensory methods help the learner to incorporate the material by making new pathways in the brain. This gives the learner more information to “grab onto” in their brain and helps any learner to learn better!

Videos are Available

The videos in the Early Reading Program can also be very helpful to include for a type of learner that needs repetitive viewing of the lessons. The videos can free up the instructor to be doing something else while the learner rewatches or repeats a lesson. The videos are lengthy! Pause and repeat according to your specific needs.

learn how to read

The Reading Blocks program combines literacy research and brain research with common, inexpensive office supplies, and explicit instructions to form a unique and powerful reading program for everyone to use!

This reading program is the result of the promise I made to help other mothers in the same situation I had to previously navigate. After so many years of going to school, researching, trial and error, teaching and tweaking, my reading program is finally available.

Now you can teach your child to read starting today and lay the foundation for your child’s unlimited future success!

learn how to read

Step By Step Lessons

The Reading Blocks program contains over 600 pages of step by step easy to follow lessons. All the materials you need are contained in the program including: instructions, games, mini books, activities and practice material.

You can do all 32 blocks if you want, or just do the blocks that you might need, depending on your child’s age and grade level. It is totally up to you!

Purchase the Best Reading Program for Learning to Read as an EBOOK or PAPERBACK COPY

This paperback big book contains the whole Reading Blocks Program. This is the ideal choice if you want instant access to the complete program and at a very easy to afford price.

Everything you need to teach the whole reading process is in this big book. This book contains all the lessons, games, decodable books, practice material, writing material and more! And all in 1 convenient book. Ready to go when you are!

You can also purchase the big book as an ebook and get a pdf digital download instantly.

You can choose to do the whole program block by block starting with block 1 or just pick out the blocks you need depending on the skill level of your learner. The checkpoint assessments can help you decide where to begin.

Blocks 1-6 can be used for preschool through First Grade. Blocks 7- 32 are for Second Grade and above reading levels.

Every learner is unique so please use the grade levels as aproximate grade levels. Older kids or adults might be missing some of the early reading skills and can start with an early block for review or to fill in knowledge gaps.

learn how to read

My Own Struggling Reader

Are you wondering what happened to that child who struggled so much and inspired this program?

She graduated with her master’s degree in science and is a Nurse Practitioner!

She is now in the process of obtaining her doctorate degree! There is a genius inside all of our children. We just have to help them discover it!

Do not let anyone tell you that your child is not brilliant! Our children are so full of unlimited potential and it is our job as parents to help them know this to be true!

If your child is struggling to learn how to read you can help! This program was written and designed with you in mind. No background or training is needed.

learn how to read

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am Veronica McCarthy, M.Ed

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I am a Certified Reading Specialist who has taught reading in the school system as well as privately for over 25 years. Parenting two children with dyslexia, I have addressed the challenges of a struggling reader as a parent and as a teacher.

This background has given me a unique knowledge base to use in guiding others to help people of all ages and learning abilities to overcome reading challenges and become successful, lifelong readers.

Reading Blocks: A Step by Step Method to Teach Reading:

  • is a phonics based, multisensory reading program.
  • is designed according to the latest research on the most effective way to teach reading.
  • breaks up the learning to read process into 32 blocks, or chunks of knowledge.
  • contains everything you need to know and use in order to successfully teach that reading block.
  • systematically builds a reading wall of knowledge, block by block.

The Reading Blocks approach makes teaching reading and learning to read easy, even for readers with learning differences, or who were unsuccessful in other programs.

Reading Blocks offers:

learn how to readA complete systematic, multisensory, phonics based approach to teaching reading which can be customized to fit any age learner and any learning difference

learn how to readA system suitable for all learners, but especially learners with Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD).

learn how to readAn original “Reading Wall” scope and sequence which allows the instructor and learner to see exactly where they are on the path of learning to read, as well as exactly where they need to go.

learn how to readUnique reading material and activities for each block. This takes the guess work out of finding appropriate material to use for praciticing the skills at each level.

learn how to readThe titles of supplemental Decodable Readers which perfectly match the skills for each level. This makes it easy to find additional reading material at the correct level that will support and encourage the reader’s current knowledge base.

learn how to readAn easy to follow format which does not require months of training or a huge financial commitment.

learn how to readA system which can be used by Teachers, Parents, Tutors and Reading Specialists alike; no training or background is necessary.

learn how to readA system based on Orton-Gillingham methodology.

learn how to readThe flexibility for the learner to start exactly where his/her gap of knowledege begins, which saves time and minimizes bordom for an older struggling reader.

See How Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading has helped struggling readers and Changed Lives…

teach your child to read

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“Do your child and yourself a favor, buy and start this program! My son is reading all the time now. It was easy to follow and we rasised his reading score several grades in just 6 weeks.”

— J Faley

Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading Gives You:

learn how to readA complete systematic, multisensory, phonics based approach to teaching and learning how to read.

learn how to readCustomizable to fit any age learner or learning difference.

learn how to readPhenomonal for ALL learners including those with Dyslexia, CAPD, Aspergers and more.

learn how to readAn affordable effective phonics based reading program.

learn how to readUnique reading materials and activites for each block.

Step By Step Unique Research Based Reading Blocks.
Each Block Includes: lesson plans, mini decodable readers, review material, activities, sight words matched to level, games and much much more!
Checkpoint Assessments – as a checking tool to make sure your child is learning and retaining the lessons.
Reading Wall Scope and Sequence – so you always know exactly where you are in the reading process!
Multi-Sensory Teaching Activities – so you can address your child’s individual learning needs!
Available Videos to teach the first 6 blocks for you! Just give your child a whiteboard and marker and they can follow along! Great for instruction or review!
Available in PDF Download or Paperback Copy or BOTH!