Reading Fluency Activities that Work!


These are 8 of the best Reading Fluency Activites I used as a Reading Specialist. I used these activities over and over to improve skills and have fun doing it.

Building Self Esteem in Children is Crucial to Future Success

checkpoint assessment

“Change your thoughts and you change your destiny” Building Self Esteem In Children is Crucial to Future Success Building self esteem in children is one of the most crucial components to address for the child to be successful in any area of his life, but especially in a reading program. The results in any reading […]

Checkpoint Assessments

reading blocks reading program

Checkpoint Assessments The Checkpoint Assessment is a tool specifically developed to work with the Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading program. There is a Checkpoint Assessment after every five blocks in the reading program (seven blocks for the last assessment). The learner should know approximately 90% of the assessment in order […]

Reading Fluency Strategies

reading fluency strategies

Reading Fluency Strategies Reading fluency strategies can be taught and readers can improve their fluency rate. First of all, what is fluency? Fluency is a combination of the speed and accuracy in which a person can read the words in a reading passage. When the words become more difficult and begin to challenge the reader’s […]