How to Help a Struggling Reader

how to help a struggling reader

  How to help a struggling reader is a puzzle with many pieces. Before the learning difference is addressed, a struggling reader must be made aware that he is smart and capable of accomplishing anything he really wants to accomplish. Most struggling readers have taken a hit to their self esteem. Positive Reinforcement Is The […]

Reading Games for Kids


Reading games for kids are the easiest way to  increase a child’s reading level. Everyone knows that kids need to read to succeed. Some kids just learn to read with no problems, while other kids struggle, struggle and struggle some more just to learn the alphabet. This is where a reading game comes in handy. You […]

What are Phonics Rules?


Phonics  What are Phonics Rules? Phonics rules are the collection of rules we use in the English language to read and spell words. This skill is usually taught  incrementally along with reading skills.  A couple of well know examples of these rules are: when 2 vowels go a-walking, the first one does the talking (coat); […]

Learning the Alphabet

learning the alphabet

Learning the Alphabet  Learning the Alphabet Learning the alphabet can be extremely difficult for some learners. The learner needs to know the name and one or more sounds for each letter of the alphabet.  The learner who has difficulty learning the alphabet may find it very difficult to hear the subtle differences between many of […]