Learn the Alphabet Hub

learning the alphabet

Reading Blocks Learn the Alphabet Hub contains atricles, stratetgies and games to learn the alphabet and increase reading skills.

Checkpoint Assessments

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Checkpoint Assessments The Checkpoint Assessment is a tool specifically developed to work with the Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading program. There is a Checkpoint Assessment after every five blocks in the reading program (seven blocks for the last assessment). The learner should know approximately 90% of the assessment in order […]

Essential Reading Skills for Learning How to Read

essential reading skills

There are seven essential reading skills for learning how to read which are necessary to becoming a fluent reader. These skills are: Phonemic Awareness; Alphabet Knowledge; Phonics/Decoding; Sight Words; Comprehension; Fluency; and Vocabulary. A deficit in any one of these areas will affect an individual’s reading skills. Each area can be taught individually or in […]

What are Phonics Rules?


Phonics  What are Phonics Rules? Phonics rules are the collection of rules we use in the English language to read and spell words. This skill is usually taught  incrementally along with reading skills.  A couple of well know examples of these rules are: when 2 vowels go a-walking, the first one does the talking (coat); […]

Learning the Alphabet

learning the alphabet

Learning the Alphabet  Learning the Alphabet Learning the alphabet can be extremely difficult for some learners. The learner needs to know the name and one or more sounds for each letter of the alphabet.  The learner who has difficulty learning the alphabet may find it very difficult to hear the subtle differences between many of […]