Early Reading Program

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Give your child a head start in school that will last a lifetime with a great Early Reading Program!

Learning to read is the number one skill that affects all learning in school and in life!

Reading Blocks Early Reading Program

Learn to read with the Reading Blocks program

The Reading Blocks reading program was developed by a Reading Specialist who also had two daughters who struggled with dyslexia and learning to read. Her goal was to create a program that anyone could use to teach anyone how to read, quickly and affordably.

That goal took 25 long years of brain research, reading research and experimentation. You are holding in your hands the fruit of that labor of love, Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading.

The Early Reading Program teaches the kindergarten and first grade reading levels, and uses only the first 6 blocks of the Reading Blocks program. Each of the 6 blocks are taught incrementally in a video format and also includes the digital download for that block. Your child can grab a whiteboard and marker and follow along at his or her own pace. You can stop, pause and repeat as often as necessary until the child has mastered the skill, and then move on to the next level.

Step by step, your child will learn the skills necessary to become a fluent reader, just by following along with the videos.

The Early Reading Program includes everything you need including:

  1. Introduction to Reading – to give you a background about the learning to read process and breaks it down into smaller “chunks” of information.
  2. Blocks 1-6 Digital Download – contains all the materials necessary for hands on learning and practicing of the reading skills taught in the videos.


Invest Today in Your Child’s Success!

Veronica McCarthy

I am a Certified Reading Specialist who has taught reading in the school system as well as privately for over 25 years. Parenting two children with dyslexia, I have addressed the challenges of a struggling reader as a parent and as a teacher. My mission is to assist parents and teachers to help children become fluent readers, one reader at a time!

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