Is Your Child Struggling to Learn How to Read?

struggling with learning how to read

Can You Answer “Yes” to Two or More of These Questions? If you answered yes, then you need the Reading Blocks Reading Program! I witnessed all of this personally as a parent and then later as a teacher so I know what you are going through – and I can help! As a Parent My […]

How to Learn How to Read Today! Fast and Easy!

learn how to read

The Easiest Way How to Learn How to Read Teaching someone how to read might feel like an overwhelming task at first glance. There are 26 letters and 26 initial sounds which makes a total of 52 items to memorize. Then the child (and parent) realize that many of the letters make more than one […]

Reading Assessment Test

learn how to read

The Reading Assessment Test will help determine the reading level of the reader and appropriate material to use in teaching.

Early Reading Program

Reading Blocks Early Reading Program

Give your child a head start in school that will last a lifetime with a great Early Reading Program! Learning to read is the number one skill that affects all learning in school and in life! Learn to read with the Reading Blocks program The Reading Blocks reading program was developed by a Reading Specialist […]

How to Help a Struggling Reader

how to help a struggling reader

  How to help a struggling reader is a puzzle with many pieces. Before the learning difference is addressed, a struggling reader must be made aware that he is smart and capable of accomplishing anything he really wants to accomplish. Most struggling readers have taken a hit to their self esteem. Positive Reinforcement Is The […]

Building Self Esteem in Children is Crucial to Future Success

checkpoint assessment

“Change your thoughts and you change your destiny” Building Self Esteem In Children is Crucial to Future Success Building self esteem in children is one of the most crucial components to address for the child to be successful in any area of his life, but especially in a reading program. The results in any reading […]

Learning How to Read

learning how to read

Learning how to read is a skill that contributes immensely to a person’s quality of life.Teaching someone to read is arguably one of the best gifts you can give to another person. This skill will contribute to his experiencing a fulfilling and productive life. Teaching someone how to read can have challenges but it is […]

Reading Blocks Phonics Reading Program

Reading Blocks Reading Program

Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading is a phonics based, multisensory, step by step method that YOU can use to teach anyone how to read.   Unique Components of the Reading Blocks Phonics Reading Program: A complete systematic, multisensory, phonics based reading program, which can be customized for any age learner […]

About Me and the Reading Blocks Program

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Hi Everyone, Welcome to the Reading Blocks Program – The Best Reading Program to Teach Kids How to Read. If you are looking for a reading program for kids that works, you have come to the right place. The Reading Blocks website is based on the reading program for kids called: Reading Blocks: A Step […]