Learn How to Read in Preschool

learn how to read

Child Must Be Interested First A child that is interested in learning how to read can definitely learn how to read in preschool. The key idea to note here is that the child must be interested in learning how to read. Otherwise, the process will be painful for the child and the person teaching the child There are specific skills […]

Top 10 Reading Games for Helping Kids Learn How to Read

reading games

Top 10 Reading Games for Helping Kids Learn How to Read Everyone knows that kids need to read to succeed. The Top Ten Reading Games for Helping Kids Learn How to Read lets the kids have fun while learning how to read. Some kids just learn to read with no problem. While other kids struggle, […]

Learning How to Read

learning how to read

Congratulations!  Learning how to read is arguably one of the best gifts you can give to another person that will contribute to his experiencing a fulfilling and productive life .The very fact that you are on this website means that you are considering helping someone learn how to read. Teaching someone how to read can […]

Essential Reading Skills for Learning How to Read

essential reading skills

There are seven essential reading skills for learning how to read which are necessary to becoming a fluent reader. These skills are: Phonemic Awareness; Alphabet Knowledge; Phonics/Decoding; Sight Words; Comprehension; Fluency; and Vocabulary. A deficit in any one of these areas will affect an individual’s reading skills. Each area can be taught individually or in […]

Learn How to Read Using Dr Fry’s Sight Word List

fry 1000 sight words

Learn How to Read Using Dr Fry’s Sight Word List You can learn how to read using Dr Fry’s sight word list because sight words are in everything you read. Sight words are the most common words used repeatedly in every type of reading material. Many of the sight words do not follow the phonics […]

What Are Multi-Sensory Methods for Teaching Reading


What Are Multi-Sensory Methods for Teaching Reading An activity can be considered a multi-sensory method for teaching reading when more than one sensory mode is used to complete a task in reading. The sensory modes are see, touch, hear, taste, and smell. Each sensory mode brings information into a unique area of the brain. The […]

Reading Fluency Strategies

reading fluency strategies

Reading Fluency Strategies Reading fluency strategies can be taught and readers can improve their fluency rate. First of all, what is fluency? Fluency is a combination of the speed and accuracy in which a person can read the words in a reading passage. When the words become more difficult and begin to challenge the reader’s […]

Reading Comprehension Skills

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Reading Comprehension Skills Reading Comprehension skills are strategies used for helping to increase a readers’ comprehension level. Decoding skills, vocabulary skills, and fluency skills all affect reading comprehension skills. There are also many additional strategies you can use to help a reader build stronger comprehension abilities. Several helpful activities are listed below. Reading comprehension means […]

Learning the Alphabet

learning the alphabet

Learning the Alphabet  Learning the Alphabet Learning the alphabet can be extremely difficult for some learners. The learner needs to know the name and one or more sounds for each letter of the alphabet.  The learner who has difficulty learning the alphabet may find it very difficult to hear the subtle differences between many of […]

Phonemic Awareness

phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness is the awareness of the smallest part of the word, the phoneme or sound. Phonemic awareness strategies help a child become a better reader.