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[/] Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading is a  phonics based, multi-sensory reading system. This system is designed according to the latest research on the most effective way to teach reading.  Reading Blocks breaks up the learning to read process into 32 Blocks, or chunks of knowledge. Each block builds upon […]

Is Your Child Struggling with Learning How to Read?

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Are you watching your child lose all self-esteem because he or she feels like a failure because of not being able to read. Are you afraid that your child will fail in school? Did you notice that if your child struggles with reading other subjects seem to be a struggle as well? Have you ever […]

Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading

Reading Blocks Reading Program

A Multisensory, Phonics Based, Step By Step Method that you can use to teach anyone how to read! Unique Components of Reading Blocks: Reading Blocks was developed to cover all the phonics skills necessary to becoming a good reader, in an incremental multi-sensory format. The content naturally must be geared towards a younger audience but […]

How to Divide a Word Into Syllables

divide a word into syllables

A syllable can be the whole word or just part of the word but must contain at least one vowel. Learn how to divide a word into syllables on this page.

How to Help a Struggling Reader

how to help a struggling reader

  How to help a struggling reader is a puzzle with many pieces. Before the learning difference is addressed, a struggling reader must be made aware that he is smart and capable of accomplishing anything he really wants to accomplish. Most struggling readers have taken a hit to their self esteem. Positive Reinforcement Is The […]

Building Self Esteem in Children is Crucial to Future Success

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“Change your thoughts and you change your destinyā€¯ Building Self Esteem In Children is Crucial to Future Success Building self esteem in children is one of the most crucial components to address for the child to be successful in any area of his life, but especially in a reading program. The results in any reading […]

Reading Games for Kids


Reading games for kids are the easiest way to  increase a child’s reading level. Everyone knows that kids need to read to succeed. Some kids just learn to read with no problems, while other kids struggle, struggle and struggle some more just to learn the alphabet. This is where a reading game comes in handy. You […]

Blog Posts for Learning to Read

The Blog Posts on Reading Blocks contains key information for learning to read and for improving reading skills. This information will help parents, teachers and tutors to teach anyone how to read. The material on this website corresponds to the reading program, Reading Blocks: A Step By Step Method to Teach Reading. Thank you for […]