Why are Vocabulary Skills Important When Learning to Read?

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Vocabulary Skills

Vocabulary skills are important when learning to read because this skill helps you to understand the information your are reading. Vocabulary is another skill which supports comprehension.

Vocabulary pertains to an understanding of the meaning of all of the important words in a reading passage. Sometimes a reader can sound out all the words but has no idea what he just read and consequently, poor comprehension.

A reader needs to sound out each word and understand the meaning of each word to comprehend what he reads. This is one of the areas to look at when a reader’s comprehension level is low.

Strategies for Increasing Vocabulary Skills

Vocabulary skills can be increased naturally by reading more. Daily reading is a great strategy for naturally increasing vocabular skills. Avid readers tend to have a greater vocabulary bank from which to choose words. Struggling readers tend to read much less and as a consequence, have weaker streghths and skills in vocabulary.

Another way to increase vocabulary skills is by using the following vocabulary strategies:

Word Concept Map

Linear Array

Structured Overview

Making Words

Decoding By Anagram

Word Walls

Words Around the Room

Making Connections

Making a Crossword Puzzle

Making a Word Search


Graphic Organizer

Word Sorts

Word Detective

Word Map

Context Clues

Reading Buddy.

Peobody Picture Test and Vocabulary Skills

The Peobody Picture Vocabulary test was designed as a quick assessment of verbal ability. This is an untimed assessment and is an effective tool for checking receptive vocabulary. This assessment is very easy to use. More information about this assessment for vocabulary can be found here.