This is another skill which supports comprehension. Vocabulary pertains to an understanding of the meaning of all of the important words in a reading passage. Sometimes a reader can sound out all the words but has no idea what he just read and consequently, poor comprehension. A reader needs to sound out each word and understand the meaning of each word to comprehend what he reads. This is one of the areas to look at when a reader’s comprehension level is low.


Vocabulary skills can be increased naturally by reading more. Avid readers tend to have a great vocabulary bank from which to choose words. Struggling readers tend to read much less and as a consequence, have weaker skills in this area. Another way to increase these skills is by using strategies such as the following: Word Concept Map, Linear Array, Structured Overview, Making Words, Decoding  by Analogym Word Walls, Words Around the Room, Making Connections, Making a Crossword Puzzle, Making a Word Search, Brainstorming, Graphic Organizer, Word Sorts, Word Detective, Word Map, Context Clues and Reading Buddy.

Peobody Picture Test

The Peobody Picture Vocabulary test was designed as a quick assessment of verbal ability. This is an untimed assessment and is an effective tool for checking receptive vocabulary. This assessment is very easy to use.