Quick and Easy Phonemic Awareness Test

phonemic awareness

Phonemic Awareness Test A Phonemic Awareness test will give you crucial information concerning a set of skills that are mandatory when learning to read.  Phonemic awareness skills are a very effective early predictor for future reading difficulties. In other words, you can tell who is going to have trouble learning to read by testing the […]

Learn How to Read in Preschool

learn how to read

Child Must Be Interested First A child that is interested in learning how to read can definitely learn how to read in preschool. The key idea to note here is that the child must be interested in learning how to read. Otherwise, the process will be painful for the child and the person teaching the child There are specific skills […]

Learning How to Read

learning how to read

Learning how to read is a skill that contributes immensely to a person’s quality of life.Teaching someone to read is arguably one of the best gifts you can give to another person. This skill will contribute to his experiencing a fulfilling and productive life. Teaching someone how to read can have challenges but it is […]

Phonemic Awareness

phonemic awareness

Phonemic awareness is the awareness of the smallest part of the word, the phoneme or sound. Phonemic awareness strategies help a child become a better reader.