Give Your Child A Powerful Headstart to PreSchool and Kindergarten with The Level 1 Early Reading Program!

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Introducing Reading Blocks Complete Level 1 Early Reading Program.

The Level 1 Early Reading Program contains:

  • 6 Complete Teaching Videos (with over 5 hours of video training!)
  • 6 Docodable Reader Videos 
  • Downloadable PDF file for the first 6 Reading Blocks of the Reading Blocks Program.
  • Video Teaching of Checkpoint 1

This is the tool you would choose to teach your 4-6 year old the beginning fundamentals of learning to read or and older child who is struggling with learning to read.

Phonics Based and Multi-Sensory Methods

Reading Blocks Early Reading Program is a  phonics based, multi-sensory reading system. This system is designed according to the latest research on the most effective way to teach reading. 

The Reading Blocks Early Reading Program includes the first 6 Blocks of the complete program. The Early reading program is for preschool children who are ready to start reading and kindergarten and first grade students who need a second look at the early reading basics. 

Each reading block builds upon the previous block. The Reading Blocks Early Reading Program includes: Introduction to Reading, Tips on preparing for a reading program, Reading Wall Scope and Sequence, Reading Wall Assessment, the first 6 Reading Blocks, the first Checkpoint Assessment, and all the reading materials, mini readers, practice activities and games to make learning that block fun and successful. Everything you need is included!  

This program is laid out so that anyone can use it. Just follow along, step by step. The Reading Blocks Early Reading Program is fast, easy and effective!

Designed By a Reading Specialist

This program was designed by a Reading Specialist to help any individual learn to read in the shortest and most effective way possible. Reading Blocks is easy to use. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Anyone can follow the Reading Blocks System. The Reading Blocks program is great for Parents, Homeschoolers, Teachers, and Tutors. 

Each of the Reading Blocks follow the same format.

There are six stations in each block:

  •  The first station begins with a quick review of any previous material. 
  • The second station is for introducing and practicing new sounds. 
  • The third station is for independent or partner practice with the new material. All activities for this station are included. 
  • The fourth station is for regrouping and discussing the activities completed in the previous station. This is the station where any difficulties will become apparent and can be addressed. The fourth station also introduces new sight words. 
  • The fifth station is for writing with the new material. 
  • The sixth station is for reading with the new material. All the materials for each station, in each block, are included.

Each block also includes a Mini Book, a Making Words activity, a Reading Card, and a Flip Book. All materials use only sounds, sound patterns and words discussed in the current or previous blocks. Reading skills are continuously being built and reviewed throughout the program.

Unique Reading Wall Assessment

Reading Blocks contains a Reading Wall and a Reading Wall Assessment. The Reading Wall contains the scope and sequence of the Reading Wall system. The Reading Wall Assessment is an easy way to assess an individual’s reading skills and determine the correct starting point in the system. When in doubt, just start with Block 1. The Reading Wall Assessment can also be found on the Reading Blocks website:

Unique Checkpoint Assessments

Reading Blocks contains a checkpoint after every five blocks. The Reading Blocks Early Reading Program contains the first Checkpoint Assessment. The checkpoint is a quick review of all material up to the checkpoint. 

The checkpoint will help you to determine if your reader is understanding and retaining the information. If your reader has difficulty with the checkpoint, you will need to go back and review the trouble areas. 

The checkpoint can also be used as a quick assessment to determine your starting point in the Reading Blocks system.

Affordable Reading Help for Struggling Readers!

Finally, there is a reading resource available for anyone to teach anyone how to read! Reading Blocks is also AFFORDABLE! Learning to read should be available for anyone who desires this skill. Money should not stand in the way of someone learning how to read. So, with this thought in mind, Reading Blocks was purposefully kept at an affordable price.

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This program will give your child a powerful headstart to Kindergarten and First Grade!

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