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Reading Blocks: A Step by Step Method to Teach Reading – $39.99


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    1. Reading Blocks was developed to cover all the phonics skills necessary to becoming a good reader, in an incremental format. The content naturally must be geared towards a younger audience but I always kept older non-readers in mind when developing the text. This program can be used in Kindergarten to Grade 3 when learning to read and in higher grades when there are gaps in a person’s reading skills. Reading Blocks can also be used with adults struggling to read even though the content is for younger ages.

      Each block only contains skills which were taught and practiced in a previous Block. Sight words do not always follow phonics rules but are necessary for fluent reading, so they are included in each block. The sight words were chosen according to the skills being taught in that Block as well as frequency of use.

      As a Reading Specialist, it was always frustrating using a reading program that included so many words that were too advanced for the level of the reader and never strategically taught. The reader would become frustrated and self-esteem would plummet. This program uses very controlled text and every skill is taught first and then reviewed periodically throughout the program. This ensures a high level of success for the reader.

      So in summary, I wanted Reading Blocks to be an inexpensive resource for anyone to be able to use to teach anyone how to read.

  1. This is a systematic and clear program to teach either children or adults how to read. Designed to be an affordable and ‘doable’ resource for teaching reading, this is all you need. The Reading Wall shows you what block to start at and each block contains all the materials to complete that block. Literally, you just cut out the pages and cut them up for the activities. You don’t need to search for additional materials. It’s all included. This is a home school mom’s dream. I used it. It works. Also, if you have questions, you can email her because she is great at providing support.
    copied froom Amazon review

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